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Welcome to Senzati ® United Arab Emirates 
The UAE’s only Luxury Mercedes upfitter with Mercedes-Benz Approval and European Whole Vehicle Type Approval

Senzati crafts exquisite luxury Mercedes VIP V Class People Carriers tailored for the discerning clientele in the UAE, offering an unparalleled blend of luxury, sophistication, and functionality for travel. With custom-designed interiors, cutting-edge technology, and an elegantly understated exterior, these vehicles provide a premium travel experience suited for VIPs.

The Senzati VIP Mercedes V Class People Carrier stands out with its subtle yet impressive design, transforming every journey into a statement of elegance. Crafted with top-tier materials and engineered with precision, these carriers boast a quality that is immediately noticeable. The lavish interiors create a perfect environment for a mobile office, offering a serene space to work, unwind, or entertain as you traverse the cityscapes of the UAE.

The Senzati Jet Spec models elevate the experience further, featuring immersive cinematic setups that rival actual movie theaters, complete with exceptional audio-visual systems. Many of our models include an adjustable center console equipped with strategically placed tables for productivity on the go. The spacious fridge under the passenger armrest accommodates several bottles of your preferred wine or champagne, alongside an assortment of refreshments, ensuring a delightful journey.

Senzati’s commitment to excellence is evident in the meticulous engineering of their Luxury Mercedes People Carriers, accredited with both European Whole Vehicle Type Approval and Mercedes-Benz Approval, ensuring a blend of luxury and safety unparalleled in the market.

For those in the UAE seeking a luxurious mobile office, a private vehicle for family use, or a sophisticated transport solution for Weddings, Corporate Events, and other significant occasions, Senzati delivers a luxury people carrier that stands in a league of its own, marrying safety, opulence, and performance.


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