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Senzati, established in 2013 in the UK, embarked on an exclusive journey with Mercedes-Benz to craft and produce luxury people carriers, setting a benchmark with its commitment to achieving both European Whole Vehicle Type Approval and Mercedes-Benz Approval for its fleet. The brand’s dedication to excellence is exemplified in its popular Mercedes V-Class luxury conversions, each model meeting rigorous approval standards.

In its quest for unparalleled quality, Senzati underwent extensive testing processes, including re-evaluating airbag functionality post-luxury re-trimming, conducting ISO Load Partition Tests on partition walls and center consoles for crash-worthiness, and ensuring all electronic accessories passed EMC Testing for safety and non-interference with vehicle operations. Furthermore, all interior materials were subjected to fire safety tests, and seating configurations underwent stringent crash tests to ensure passenger safety, even under significant impact.

Adhering to a comprehensive set of safety and compliance regulations, Senzati achieved certification from the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA), solidifying its status as a registered Vehicle Manufacturer. This meticulous approach guarantees that every Senzati vehicle not only offers luxury but also ensures the safety and protection of its occupants and other road users.

Building on its success in the UK, Senzati has expanded its operations to the United Arab Emirates, bringing its bespoke luxury vehicles to a market known for its appreciation of high-end automotive craftsmanship. In the UAE, Senzati continues to deliver brand new, fully certified vehicles, maintaining its commitment to luxury, safety, and compliance, and catering to a clientele that values both sophistication and reliability in their luxury transport solutions.