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Senzati Oryx Edition Jet Class® – VIP Luxury Mercedes V Class

You can rely on Senzati to provide a fully certified vehicle that offers enduring reliability and exceptional resale value. Senzati stands out as the sole UAE-based converter capable of customizing your ideal VIP V Class on a brand-new, unregistered chassis, a testament to their exclusive achievement of both European Whole Vehicle Type Approval and Mercedes-Benz Approval for each model they craft. Every aspect of their vehicles, from seat configurations and center consoles to driver partitions, has undergone rigorous crash testing. Additionally, the entire vehicle undergoes EMC testing with all conceivable options installed, ensuring a seamless blend of luxury, safety, and performance tailored to the discerning standards of the UAE market.

The Business Plus or Jet Spec editions from Senzati are distinguished by their signature double-glazed panoramic roof, electric roof blind, and expansive center console. Unique to Senzati, the innovative center console is designed to slide back and forth, providing significantly more luggage space than any other luxury V-Class modification in the UAE. It also boasts large retractable tables, ideally positioned for productivity during travel. The oversized custom fridge is capable of accommodating several bottles of wine or champagne, with extra room for mineral water and snacks. Enhanced by a backlit glasses cabinet and four crystal glasses, the Senzati center console epitomizes practical design, crafted for real-world luxury.

While the Business and Business Plus Models offer an open-plan layout connecting the driver and passenger areas, the Jet Spec introduces a partition wall for distinct separation, enhancing privacy. The design of the Senzati partition is thoughtfully contoured to maximize both legroom for the driver and overall space in the passenger cabin. With an extensive array of standard and optional features available in the Senzati Jet Class series, we recommend utilizing our Luxury V Class Configurator to tailor your vehicle to your precise preferences in the UAE.

* Main image courtesy of Mercedes-Benz UK Ltd